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Seasonal Themed Enamelware  +

Give your home a  touch of classic retro style with garden and accent enamelware. Each collection brings its own unique style reflected on dishes, plates, basins and more and offer the perfect  accent to bring a  warm and friendly feeling of home and comfort to your table It’s just one of the reasons we are the leading brand in America for high-quality, handcrafted enamelware. Some of our garden and accent enamelware selections include:

  • Garden Colanders. Durable colanders with blackberry, strawberry, radish, herbs and other designs make for a beautiful, and functional bright addition.
  • Forest Glen & Highland Plaid Enamelware. Create a tranquil mood or a more classic and bold setting with our themed enamelware place settings. The beauty of each piece will create a unique dining experience and make gathering with friends and family a memorable experience.
  • Fresh Produce. Bring a year-round summer feel to your table with the detailed designs of garden -fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Stars and Stripes. Add a patriotic flair to celebrations with enamelware that is designed with different variations and elements of the U.S. flag.
  • Make movie night even more fun with  the detailed design of mouthwatering popcorn on your enamelware bowl.
  • And much more!

Enamelware Can Be Used In Many Ways +

Our enamelware is truly multifunctional and saves you time and effort so you can spend time with what’s important – family and friends. Each piece is hand crafted and made to last and can be used to cook, serve, and store.   Cook at high temperatures in  your oven, on the grill or stovetop.  Then, serve from the same dish at the table, and when you are finished, you can  save those delicious leftovers in the refrigerator or freezer. Even better, the naturally non-stick porcelain surface is a breeze to clean.  Our high-quality enamelware undergoes rigorous third-party testing and is certified to be food safe and BPA Free.

Our Enamelware Is Made for a Lifetime +

Our process for crafting enamelware delivers a piece that is stunning, durable and safe. The methods we employ make our products strong and resilient to stand up to high temperature cooking and multiple everyday use. Once you experience the ultimate utility and functionality that enamelware is known for, you will want to use it forever. 

Our pieces are hand-crafted in Indonesia. When our founder helped develop the process, she and her team desired to make it even better than anything on the market. Starting with a light- weight carbon steel base, the porcelain enamel is fire-fused together and the construction is finished off with a stainless-steel rim. The stainless-steel rim not only gives the piece a more appealing design, but it also strengthens the edges that are generally considered to be a weak structural point on many other inferior quality pieces of enamelware. Each design is hand crafted by artisans and is fused into the enamel, resulting in lasting detailed designs and vibrant colors for future generations.   Golden Rabbit  also ensures safety by certifying our enamelware through  third-party testers to verify that all our pieces are completely food safe, non-toxic and BPA-free

Bring the Perfect Accent to Your Home & Events Today!   

Get it - love it! Find the right garden and accent enamelware for your home or cabin getaway by browsing our many choices below.  Mix and match colors and designs to create your own unique style!

Stars and Stripes Enamelware

Stars and Stripes

Highland Plaid Enamelware

Highland Plaid

Forest Glen Enamelware

Forest Glen

Tomatoes Enamelware


Green Scallop Enamelware

Green Scallops

Fresh Produce Enamelware

Fresh Produce

Aspen Grove Enamelware

Aspen Grove