Golden Rabbit enamelware is created using a traditional handmade production method that has changed very little since the late 18th century. Each piece is hand-dipped and fired at extremely high temperatures causing the steel to contract and fusing the porcelain enamel to the steel, creating a durable, non-porous surface. Slight color variations and imperfections are a natural byproducts of this craft and are not due to any inattention to detail. These inherent aspects of the enameling process are a part of the charm and uniqueness that make enamelware so popular.

For everyday use, Golden Rabbit enamelware is safe for cleaning in the dishwasher.  We do not recommend soaking the enamelware, as this can cause rusting to occur around the rim.  Should rusting occur, use a mild abrasive cleaner, like a ceramic stove-top cleaner or Magic Eraser, to gently remove the spot.  This can also be used to remove marks made by metal flatware.  To help prevent rusting, dry thoroughly and apply a light coat of vegetable oil.

Enamelware products can last many years and passed down from generation to generation if given the proper care.  Golden Rabbit Enamelware products have been the centerpiece of many homes and with the highest rated customer service and product satisfaction.  

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Enamelware Product Use
and Care


  • Never pre-heat/dry. When left on high heat, can reach 1000 degrees F in just two minutes and destroy enamel surface.
  • Porcelain Enamel-on-Steel is stick resistant. However, if you experience sticking, it may also be caused by high heat. When fat or oils smoke, the heat is too high. Food films also cause sticking, so clean the pan thoroughly. Non-stick cooking spray or a small amount of cooking oil help reduce sticking.
  • To protect the beauty of your porcelain enamel, avoid strong impact, overheating, and preheating empty. 
  • If you have a gas stove top, light spots may appear on the underside (only) of the cookware. This does not affect performance. ---> This is meant for porcelain enamel pots and pans, not mugs.
  • Never let liquids boil dry, it will damage your cookware and void the warranty. 
  • For the occasional dried-on or burnt food, mix 2 teaspoons of Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda (found in the laundry detergent section of your grocer), 2 teaspoons baking soda and water. Simmer ingredients and water in the pan for 15 to 20 minutes, let pan cool to room temperature, then rinse. Repeat if necessary. Other excellent cleaners for keeping the interior and exterior of the enamel shiny is Soft Scrub Cleanser and the Magic Eraser. 
  • Do not use steel wool scouring pads, oven cleaners or abrasive cleaners on porcelain enamel products. 
  • In hard water areas, mineral deposits may accumulate at the water line. To remove, rub with small amount of vinegar or baking soda.
  • Because enamel cookware is stick-resistant, you can use less oil. 
  • Enamel cookware / pots and pans ideal for all cooktops, including magnetic induction. 
  • Enamel cookware is durable, so use your metal utensils. Do not use knives or electric beaters.