Colander Gift Sets by Golden Rabbit Enamelware

Garden Enamelware Colanders

Bring the delicious and refreshing feel of a home garden to your family meals, picnics or parties with these hand-crafted garden enamelware colanders. Choose from delightful pieces with ornately fashioned herbs, cherries, strawberries, blackberries, lettuce or radish artwork. Your guests will be reminded of  bright sunny days,  fresh air, and bountiful gardens when they see your truly unique colander. 

GY98 - Grey Swirl Half Sheet Tray Image 2 HB107 - Herbs Colander Set Image 1
CB98 - Cobalt Swirl Half Sheet Tray Image 2 CH107 - Cherry Colander Set Image 1
BA99 - Baseball Boys Child Set Image 2 BB107 - Blackberry Colander Set Image 1
RR80 - Solid Red Large Saute Pan Image 2 SB107 - Strawberry Colander Box Set Image 1
LS75 - Lobster 18qt Stock Pot Image 2 LT107 - Lettuce Colander Set Image 1
PP35 - Popcorn Sharing Bowl Image 2 RA107 - Radish Colander Set Image 1
Lettuce Colander and Plate Sale
Lettuce Colander and Plate