Besides its elegant and sophisticated look, one of the things that makes enamelware such a great addition to your kitchen and table is that it can be used in various ways from meal preparation, to cooking, to serving and storing. You will save on storage space and time to clean up by using one dish to do it all.  At the same time, you will add elegance and a casual sophistication to any meal or gathering with the same multifunctional and durable serveware dish. The naturally non-stick porcelain finish makes hand washing a breeze and it’s even dishwasher safe! Its design allows you to cook, cut, serve, and store:

  • Cook on the stove
  • Bake in the oven at high temperatures
  • Cook on the grill
  • Cut on it with a knife
  • Serve your food to guests at your table
  • Store in the refrigerator or freezer
Cobalt Swirl Enamelware

Cobalt Swirl

Red Swirl Enamelware

Red Swirl

Sea Glass Enamelware

Sea Glass

Taupe Swirl Enamelware

Taupe Swirl

Grey Swirl Enamelware

Grey Swirl

Black Swirl Enamelware

Black Swirl

Solid White Enamelware

Solid White

Solid Red Enamelware

Solid Red

Solid Black Enamelware

Solid Black

Ocean Swirl Enamelware

Ocean Swirl