Campware vs. Glampware

Golden Rabbit enamelware is uniquely durable making it perfect for outdoor use. But be forewarned, not all enamelware is created equal, and you get what you pay for... 

Unlike flimsy camping tinware made from inferior materials that warps, chips easily, scratches & dulls over time, Golden Rabbit is forged from thick gauge steel & Belgium's finest porcelain enamel. It won't warp or scratch & is naturally non-stick with a long-lasting acid resistant finish. Made to take the heat, every piece is safe to use on the stovetop, grill, induction and fire. Yes, it's campsite and campfire proof!

Both beautiful and durable, Golden Rabbit enamelware is a lightweight reusable eco-friendly choice for glamping dinner & cookware. So versatile, you can store, cook, & serve food in the same dish, minimizing the need for additional storage & cookware. Later, at the end of your journey, it stacks and packs away with minimal space.

So remember, when choosing your glampware, you can skimp and buy tinware, or choose Golden Rabbit enamelware; durable, lightweight and made to take the heat, every piece of our dinner and cookware is...

+ Stovetop, grill, induction and fire proof
+ Reusable & eco-friendly 
+ BPA free & naturally non-stick
+ Cleans easily & dishwasher safe
+ Stacks & packs away with minimal space