Golden Rabbit's Story

Each of us goes through life making discoveries. Some are delightful finds and some change our lives forever. In 1989, while traveling the world sourcing teak furniture for my garden store, I made discoveries both delightful and life changing; a golden rabbit forged from steel, and an enamelware serving bowl unlike anything I’d ever seen before. At the time, I didn’t realize the significance of these finds, and later they would inspire me to sell the garden store and start an enamelware company named Golden Rabbit.

While I knew very little about enamelware, I knew I’d found something quite special, and would figure the rest out along the way. What I learned was all enamelware is not created equal. There is a huge difference between flimsy camping tinware that warps and rusts and the traditional artisan crafted bowl I’d discovered along the road side just months before in Bali. Once I began using the thick sturdy carbon steel enamelware bowl rimmed in stainless steel, I experienced the difference between disposable and quality craftsmanship. With this knowledge, my commitment to bring superior enamelware to the marketplace was born.

Golden Rabbit and a team of Indonesian craftsman and engineers have worked together for many years to perfect processes, procure the finest materials, while holding to high standards and time honored techniques. Golden Rabbit product is forged from thick gauge steel and Belgium’s finest porcelain enamel. It won’t warp or scratch and is naturally non-stick with a long lasting finish. Because each piece is both beautiful and durable, Golden Rabbit enamelware can be enjoyed elegantly at your wedding as well as casually for the rest of your lifetime at the dining room table.

As President and Owner, it’s an honor to witness the evolution of both Golden Rabbit and the beautiful unique pieces of table and cookware we carefully hand craft for you to enjoy at the specialist of occasions, as well as everyday for many years to come.