Lobster by Golden Rabbit Enamelware

Lobster Themed Collection

A lobster feast is truly a special event for family, friends or new guests alike. Make preparation, serving and storing easier with the multifunctional enamelware pieces that feature bright red lobster designs. Even if you aren’t having lobster on the menu, these hand-crafted pieces are sure to show off your style. Get it - love it!

LS01 - Lobster Large Tray 2 LS01 - Lobster Large Tray 1
Lobster Large Tray
LS03 - Lobster Serving Basin 2 LS03 - Lobster Serving Basin 1
Lobster Serving Basin
LS21 - Lobster Medium Tray 2 LS21 - Lobster Medium Tray 1
Lobster Medium Tray
LS06 - Lobster Oval Platter 2 LS06 - Lobster Oval Platter 1
Lobster Oval Platter