Cobalt Swirl by Golden Rabbit Enamelware

Cobalt Swirl Enamelware

These stunning enamelware products will be the talk of your get-togethers. The deep cobalt blue will add an impressive burst of color and accent your table setting with a retro casual look.  They’re durable, are naturally non-stick   and easy to clean, and offer many functional ways to cut time in your kitchen.. You can use them to cook, bake, and grill, serve to the table and save food for later. We are proud to offer retro cobalt swirl enamelware colanders, trays, bowls and more. Mix and match with other colors and specifically our coastal designs to create a unique style!

Cobalt Swirl Baking Pan Cobalt Swirl Baking Pan
CB11S4 - Set of 4 Cobalt Swirl Sandwich Plates Image 2 CB15 - Cobalt Swirl Roasting Pan Image 1
CB78 - Cobalt Swirl Baking Pan Image 2 CB79 - Cobalt Swirl Small Saute Pan Image 1
CB79 - Cobalt Swirl Small Saute Pan Image 2 CB80 - Cobalt Swirl Large Saute Pan Image 1