Black Swirl Enamelware

You know what they say, black matches everything! Our black swirl spatterware is no exception. These durable and incredibly multifunctional pieces of cookware and serveware are useful throughout your kitchen and will add flair to your table. Cook with them on the grill, on the stove and in your oven, cut on them, and then use them to serve guests and family right to the table, all without damage and with no fuss clean up. Mix and match with other colors and designs to create your own unique style!

The splatter/swirl designs with stainless steel edging are a trademark of the Golden Rabbit™.

BL52 - Black Swirl Kitchen Towel Set  Primary Image
Black Swirl Kitchen Towel Set
Set of 2 kitchen towels, 19 x 26 inches 100% Cotton terry cloth Pre-washed These linens are made of 100%...