Taupe Swirl by Golden Rabbit Enamelware

Taupe Swirl Enamelware

These elegant spatterware taupe pieces bring a warm glow to your kitchen and table setting. The calming earth tone marbled with a rich white background is a casual, yet sophisticated look and brings an air of retro style to your table. Your family and guests will love the unique design and you’ll love the multi-functionality of the oven-to-table pieces. See the variety of taupe swirl enamelware colanders, trays, salad bowls, enamelware plates and more below! Find the pieces that speak to you and mix and match with other colors and designs!

The splatter/swirl designs with stainless steel edging is a trademark of the Golden Rabbit™.
TP03 - Taupe Swirl Serving Basin 2 TP03 - Taupe Swirl Serving Basin 1
TP18 - Taupe Swirl Catering Bowl 2 TP18 - Taupe Swirl Catering Bowl 1
Taupe Swirl Catering Bowl