Good Enamelware Buys +

Truly, all buys from the Golden Rabbit enamelware product family are “good buys,” but finding an elegant item that is currently on sale makes the products we’re saying good bye to an even better buy! Our designer quality enamelware and kitchen items add yet another highlight to your get-togethers. The casual sophistication and elegance of our enamelware brings amazing food and the warmth of gathering around with friends and family an event to be celebrated.  Make everyday entertaining effortless and unique. Get it - love it!

Dedicated to Quality and Chic, Elegant Enamelware Designs +

Since we began Golden Rabbit, we’ve worked tirelessly to create enamelware and kitchen items that are strong and durable. We strive to create pieces that create memories and can be handed down through generations. We take care to design beautiful pieces of art in every collection and ensure the quality remains consistent and delivers our high standards of quality.. Our goal is to create unparalleled enamelware and offer great  buys  for both the entertaining enthusiasts and the every-day family chef. The inviting and festive designs are sure to help you create a casual sophisticated style that creates   cherished and  memorable experiences.  

Many Items for Many Occasions +

We’re proud to help make your entertainment both easy and memorable with our wide variety of enamelware bowls, dishes, plates and so much more! We even craft enamelware napkin rings that suit a  discriminating style and add an extra element of sophistication  to a  table setting. Sometimes we even  offer coordinating napkins, kitchen towels and aprons featuring detailed designs to add even more to your table setting.  

Our enamelware is crafted by expert artisans in Indonesia. Hand dipping carbon steel molds into enamel at very high temperatures creates a product that is ready to be used from oven-to-table. Our multifunctional enamelware cookware and dishware can be used to cook your favorite dishes in your oven, on a grill or on the stove. You can also use enamelware to make elegant table settings for serving and hosting  delicious meals. It is also naturally non-stick, and totally dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning up a breeze.  And don’t worry, the beautiful colors, designs and art remain vibrant and will not fade over time and use.

Find Your Good Enamelware Buy Before They’re Gone!

Occasionally we say “good bye” to special products and make room for new products. We offer these “good buys” on sale until they’re gone. See what’s currently on sale and add some elegance or vintage, retro style to your kitchen and dining room. Whether you’re seeking a minimalist clean line appeal or a more decorative and fun  design, your pieces will make entertaining easy and create a memorable event.

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